Code of Memories – Beginning of the story or Memory load

World's accumulation of phenomena.
Is that it, therein lies the story.
With the world in between the story at the end and beginning.
And story are myriad.The old world was spun as a story.
Will the story world, it spun by storytellers talk.Those who know the story captures the world as the story, everything was perceived story.Stone and soil and into wind and sky, blood to parents.

He told the story story no longer reality lost was had.Narrator losing rapport with God and became blind.
Changing world should be started slowly, gradually increasing speed, broke the world into different colors.World were replaced with paint colors colors can't tell what colors are muddy.Hope is soon misheard the story and lessened perception itself.

And one day, the world lost story.
Now that anyone can tell story. Anyone have noticed the story, fade away.
It's the lost tales. It is a road of memories.

2013 / material: iron independence Institute degree awarding mechanism Deng Xiaoping main installation works