I shall in the present capitalist era, that modern "historical present," as considered necessary to reaffirm the dignity of human beings and their lives to reconsider by suggest capitalism a new way of dealing with with a compilation of thoughts, Exists between the storage time and accumulation conducts activities as a theme.

 Since World War II, our humanity and crave a world order based on a new peace under various agreements and treaties of passion would've listened to realize.However, caused by the globalization of finance asked for further economic development in what is known as new legal war, aggression, occupation, domination, and redeemed all things money The country even if it is not territorial and irreplaceable cultures with a huge capital-capital dominated or commercialization of the alarming situation is occurring.

 That have ranged from cries of people who crave for equality and peace and capitalism to get poor quality to begin with, the feudal rule in things such as labor and effort for fair evaluation and compensation.We have lumped all democracy and capitalism is war the only profit in the economy but utilizes reverse them.Poison and drugs can be either in dealing with human beings.We have natural treatment for plays produced their own prescriptions?

 Subject to think democratically rather than to overthrow capitalism by breaking back to beginners, incorporating ethics in the new capitalist order.Revisited, editing thought to have to do this, and it makes it past and distant memory recognition essential.
We proceed just isn't correct.And we must consider.And recognize, that for we who adhered to the past in modern, must be made from this idea.

 All my work consists accumulation of hours produced from the body and behavior.
 It is I want to remind myself that I through conscious perspective as the human embodiment of those buildup from things close at hand space until all memory of past highlights.Especially we Japanese have specialized sensory memory capacity with deep spirituality.It has existed as a story through a narrator without written history for a long time, and being an ideographic character storage medium with the characters themselves, not for the record is clear.I believe that these Eastern spiritual thought of society is very important.

 And I once Samurai love lets you store phenomenon in the intently, and overuse of the body while is has been sued.

 While beautifully combining spirituality with the polytheism of the monotheistic religion of the desert one day, rationality and forest dream.