Code of Memories – Things left behind

Stock prices, land prices and rate.Only those who have a so-called price fluctuates rapidly, relieved of tax.

While everyone wants to be happy and I sanded money would some day replace.Loneliness is coupled with ecucation, unwanted children and the infection increase.Immerse yourself in drugs and alcohol for away the eyes actually looks like hell every day.I wonder if that is happening in front of me really is the result of my. Groupers also dream?!.

Euphemism is the view of the world too and I wonder.Own time and mental wearing down anyone not currently immersed in the alcohol and drug, at least in elementary and high schools job marriage birth career "life" trapped, vengeance and envy in the others will not.

No human being can die in this world.
But not only it is talking to someone somewhere in the universe or world good dead to the world.Or rather, no interest. It's existence in the first place it is the unbearable lightness.

Because I think fundamentally, so that we and exercised absolute violence against brandishing absolutely evil with absolute justice, absolute legitimacy plastered as a new page in the history of man, not the national industry.

In order of society and live in a collective and cohesive region outnumbered at State and systems.Is anything why live in a group of people who live alone in the claws and fangs are no us how vulnerable populations should be easy-to-themselves.

Cut down trees and dig the wells House to make irrigation, giving everyone one is done.Because we are not Beaver teeth no Mole claws.
One is weak in absolute terms.It's a human being.

Admission-based society.Beginning of the society began from the redistribution of wealth through cooperation and consideration, while peace is kept in it.Very few casualties due to the weapons of the Jomon people will be as a result.

Turn now, in our human society will do.
Ever had a dream of the 21st century.Gap is spread over national financial collapse and increased immigration, poor man ran to the violence.
For science and technology progress and world is useful, and using explosive energy land continue to shine brightly and at night, city that never sleeps to invent.Human night lost sense of devoting time to the party flees to the countryside or pick up large tracts of land but became.

Even knowing the party knowing the goodness of the country into a vast land not allowed.Where to go is so poor?City hired a line though the migrant is not and spit being abused nerves and reduced friction, eventually a good villain is ready.

Without this gap, whatever.
Wasn't alive, we keep the huddle together.

Here for example are neighbors.You don't like their neighbors.But it is why neighbors there to maybe then you might might not think maybe your opponent does nothing may be, we have reason to believe.
Is only one emotion there perspective of contemporary knowledge base is far from being the basic unit of society, even now.I say rather aloof.

Diversity of one of the things you want to show.Surely it should become the key to unlock the world!.
Such a simple idea began this work.
Mother the Earth core barrel iron consisting of the mantle there on time with my body and continued challenges in the three-dimensional world.Essential if as a result the nature and call it good, but good enough to thin film coating of fake money was wearing a symbol of modern man's.Like it predecessor, "cryptographic storage-fiction film–" is produced.

But now stays on the representation of the "modern" or uninteresting work just "modern".Even though I feel to follow 4800000000-year-old has previously has produced.
Not one perspective.So becomes complicit in the flaunting of absolute justice, violence and its legitimacy.
I my puny ability in ART.Was that it is two different things at the same time appear.While in the traditional world is 100 or 200 still missing, but dared two poles as the ART and squeezed out two points.To be opened during the relative events are endless, eternal in outside.
There's much chance or Equinox does not open without subject will be sleeping.For individuals this world, if that Equinox is the discovery of another point of view.Christ is thy to love thy neighbor and say that neighbors must have the perspective to one's neighbor.Because from is impossible without sympathy and love them.

One company that touch of peace.If you would like to stick it in sympathy with any others should be.Have any perspective to get the hang of any sympathy.You must know.Experience experience will instill heart every opportunity.

It will be meaningless if you have meaning if I was born in this era, I was attracted by the social nature of the ART.

Chunks of gold, sparkling and tight-lipped and quiet neighbors are still waiting to be talking to someone.

And I want try to open the.The door to the equinox.A door to a door to the future.

2014 / material: iron, wood