MEMORY CODE in the dark

Continuous, arises a pure phenomenon by constrained to a repeatability.
The phenomenon and acts as an intermediary, to build up my time.May not have the meaning and representation of every one of the symptoms.

Only be copied there momentarily, a realistic time.My releases by these acts of self and the others found themselves there could start.

Speaking of exactly "Mono" is not a work.To accumulate the actions and inevitably become "Mono".
That it looks "work" from a third party.

Approaches in the dark

* Dropped the lighting during the period, were exhibited. 

Representing the 'unseen', so to speak, but to be by presenting the works works created as the MEMORY CODE series is the presence storage time and accumulate motif were constructed with large amounts of Visual information intentionally hiding that information, but not without it.

Speaking of unseen things Visual and tends to be recognized, but "invisible" from the tactile to see from the solid upward brain unseen as a concept give rise to "in front of Mono questionable value of ' couldn't help but without presenting it.

Size (mm) vertical 3000 x next 5,000 × height 3000