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-Places where people and culture x expression, life and art-

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I am modern art mainly using sculpture representation activities as artists.Crafts and have it here is craft is shift the concept in my life (arts and crafts), strictly speaking, not as a medium of expression “to be” is.

The Japanese since ancient times from our arts and crafts to art, remodel the beauty of Japan during the life of the 誂etari, a respectable that way has been considered as “representation”.Deep in our DNA to its scent and still air.

I mainly used the iron as a material to accumulate produced from the repetitive nature of physical phenomena, represents the fundamental nature of the universe.Administration of Japan that this is where result is stated as follows (= how) Act representation representation is.

It is noticed huge storage and expected to lead to myself and my knowing what should be fundamental.There are world and Japan as well as human society contemporary believes that age had been vividly regardless of “richness” and the very important key is hidden.But art for expression and suddenly say that most people in front of their home or a work a handful, I don’t understand.

So, thought I put talk into the DNA of Japanese before I talk to individuals and society.Phenomenon of technology for the purpose and at the base of the existence and use memory and body hammer in accumulation of time forging wrote, my life is just now confront and work inwards.
This new endeavors, I consider especially two points.


One is in the traditional techniques of the Japan handicraft making.
Rather than anything is another building would not shift from the concept of work.

First, we are using forged gold Japan traditional metal crafts technique that I had learned the forged money techniques at the University of technology.This is the traditional techniques of forged money, mainly using sheet silver and copper, and hammer, we molded from sheets of gold only in the.

Then just means “relationship” is consistent with my activities.I think you mean I revolves around the sake is sake is universal in human communication tool.Wishes (except imposed strict religious prohibition) cannot be drunk though (there are a lot of people likes to breathtaking sake than actually 呑menakute “field”.) The liquor is responsible for large enjoy in moderation and a very useful communication tool and move the society through synergy with food.Landscape, eventually making a community to connect people and as a medium is very similar to the State of the art in society.


It is was purified, and integrated all communication and artistic expression, people turn to the people.Requiem, inherent in the viewer never unsolicited remarks shouldn’t be calling is a respectable social activity and raise it, to give back to the community.Having noted that viewers continue to decline in every age-sensitive power producers are not.However, too subservient to become instruments of it too, at the base of the expression will be lost.I say I say that’s pretty edgy areas and an exquisite sense of balance and feel you need to, but there’s one of the pleasures of artistic expression.

About expression and life with me at length and we eventually both art and craft is the intention of the author can enjoy the relationship as the visitors and buyers like anything else that I think.Hoping that just even a little more generosity and kindness in the world.

Table approach Overland Gallery