Exists between the storage time and accumulation
Recognized as a phenomenon they are closely intertwined, be told apart when
Ambiguities present world and of course we also like
Model a rigorous and simple rules, to mention the presence storage time storage
More because you want to know the truth
But they are not of the many-worlds interpretation in
I do not deny it
Still somewhere there collective world and my world contacts

Jin Hashimoto


1984 born in Japan
2007-2011 BA in Metal Smithing, Tokyo University of the Arts
2011-2014 MA in Metal Smithing, Tokyo University of the Arts

Group Exhibitions

2009 The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2009
Conquering Snow Dynamo Art Project, as a member of Yamamoto Kouji CAP「PHLOGISTON」, Senda Primary School, Niigata, Japan
2009 「Light Feeler – to "see" by feelings – 」, Gallery Kuu, Tokyo, Japan
2011 The Graduation Works Exhibition, Winner of the Tokyo Metoropolitan Governor Award, displayed in the Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan
2011 Tankin Exhibition, Tennozu Isle Central Tower, Tokyo, Japan
2012 Exhibition of the Winners of 12nd KAJIMA Sculpture Competition, Kajima KI Building Atrium, Tokyo, Japan
2016 Exhibition of the Winners of The 11th Tagboat Award, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 THE WORLD IS SQUARE, Jin Hashimoto and Huang Ta Wei, G gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

Solo Exhibitions

2013 Hashimoto Jin Exhibition – HASHiMOTOMANDARA – , Overland Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Hashimoto Jin Exhibition – Foot and apple/portrait of "Who"- , Overland Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Public Works

2011 Displayed in the Ueno Park(4 years), Tokyo, Japan
2012 Displayed at Street Art Stage Project, Ibaraki, Japan
2012 The donation for Embassy of Japan in South Aflica
2013 Placed in National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation, NIAD-UE, Tokyo, Japan

Artist in residence

2017 PIER2 art center, Kaoshung, Taiwan
2017 NAKANOJYO BIENNALE 2017, Gunma, Japan

The record of winning awards

2011 The Governor Award of Tokyo Metropolitan, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan
2012 Encouragement Award, 12nd KAJIMA SCULPTURE COMPETITION, Tokyo, Japan
2012 Ataka Award, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan
2016 The 11th Tagboat Award, Grand Prix Winner, Tokyo, Japan
2016 The 34th Mitsubishi Corporation Art.Gate.Program, Winning a Prize, Tokyo, Japan
2017 Independent Art Fes TAIPEI, Grand Prix Winner, Taipei, Taiwan